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António Mantas Moura - Filmmaker, Photographer, Writer, Creative Director
April 28th 1997, Lisbon, Portugal

i've been told i'd make a great doctor.

Hi my name is António. If you've come this far that means you might want to know one thing or two about me. So here it goes.

I was born in sunny Lisbon, Portugal where I lived for the first eighteen years of my life. What I take from it? A breezy nonchalance - you're probably going too fast - a "make with very little" attitude - inspiration, history and creativity are always around the corner - if you smile, people will go the extra mile for you. I played the piano and the guitar, painted endless portraits, made some pots, acted in over six plays, wrote a gazillion short stories (and some dreadful poems). Somewhere along the way I became really passionate about photography and framing reality as I saw it. Eventually, through that, I found the world of cinema and for the first time I discovered something that made perfect sense to me. A special something that allowed me to explore all my artistic passions in one - writing, pictures, design, music, movement, acting... and I'm still unravelling new possibilities to incorporate all the things I love in my art.  

Eighteen years old, I moved to Paris, France to study film. What I took from that? Pragmatism - never be afraid to ask for help - most fronts are illusions, as good as they might look - there's a lot to do, to see, watch and read, definitely look for and learn from that - if you smile, you're not a Parisian, so be aware of your surroundings. I was asked several times if I saw the Eiffel Tower everyday. Even though I actually did for two seconds on the bus on my way home from school, I realized I had become disenchanted. Paris wasn't magical anymore. Ever since then, my mission is to actively look at the world with wonderment and a conscious naïveté. 

Twenty two years old, I moved to Los Angeles, California to specialize in film directing. What I'm taking from that? Saying yes will get you more places than saying no - be open, be receptive, never judge or dismiss - "can do" attitude is the best attitude - travel more - collaborate and learn from others - if you smile and mean it, you're going in the right path. Ask me about my elevator pitch. That's the only reason why one moves to LA anyway right?

So why have I been told I'd make a great doctor?

Probably because that might sound more respectable and serious than being an "artist". 

I'll probably tell you that I don't save lives but I strive to enrich them, or if nothing else, entertain them.

Because, essentially, art is thinking. And cogito ergo sum. There you go.


I speak
english, portuguese, 
french and

Lycée Français Charles Lepierre (Lisbon, Portugal)

French Baccalaureate, Literary section (Philosophy Major) First in class

Ar.Co - Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual (Lisbon, Portugal)

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Photography

Université de Paris (Paris, France)

BFA in Film Studies and Film Production

Blue Boy Pictures (Lisbon, Portugal)

Co-founder, Producer, Writer, Director 

Coimbra University (CEC) Cinema Studies Center - Associate Member (Coimbra, Portugal)

2000 - 2015

2012 - 2015

2015 - 2018

2021 - 

2013 - 2014

Cinemalogia, From the idea to the film - pre-production, production and post-production courses

2019 - 2023

California Institute of the Arts (Los Angeles, CA)

MFA in Film Directing

Film Production Company

Film Production Company

2016 - 2019

Associação Projeto Reklusa - Creative Director (Lisbon, Portugal)

Reclusa was the first non-profit social business in Portugal.

Aimed to reintegrate Portuguese female inmates into society after serving their sentences.

2019 - 

Pop Up Market Lisboa - (Lisbon, Portugal)

Second hand and vintage clothes market


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