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copywriting, video and photography for two collections

5 am, still dark as she wakes up... 

she sits on the yoga mat ... time to practice. 


*light bulb*, new bag in mind!


She touches, She cuts, She assembles,

She redoes it all over again.

She won’t drop it until the last pin is in place,

From chaos to perfection...

Filipa Brito e Abreu, is not your typical artist.

She doesn’t keep mood boards or inspirations in her book.

She figures it out as she goes along,

No bag is the same, no same thought runs twice.

Filipa Brito e Abreu, designer and artisan, has been making bags for over a decade. Her first brand Caravan Bazaar allowed her to explore new ways of making accessories, creating her own style based on intricate handcrafted pieces and fabric recycling. Invited for the position of designer at Reclusa, she joined the project in 2017, beginning her work as an instructor for the women of the Tires Correctional Facility. The project aimed to provide socio-professional support to these women through the manufacturing of bags, enabling a smoother social reintegration. In 2019, unable to sustain its 100% social model for lack of public support and funding, the association and the Reclusa brand were forced to end the project. Filipa then made the decision to renew her old brand Caravan Bazaar, bringing with her this time the passion for social causes. Work continues following the Fair Trade system, fair pay, locally sourced, fabric recycling and repurposing, maintaining a sustainable project.


 I traveled many miles across the country in my caravan to return home. Back to my roots, ready for new inspirations and ideas, I settled in a sunny hill on the green lush Portuguese countryside. New sights and horizons, the caravan allowed me to resume my artisan work. And even though everything seems to have changed, I refused to let go of the social projects I came to hold so dearly in my heart. With Caravana I moved away to experiment, but Bazaar is settled in the correctional facility of Tires, where these women that have become artisans as well will continue to craft some of my most popular pieces and hopefully build their new lives from the inside out. That is why I revived my first brand and gave it new meaning to reflect my past and my present, with two lines and two passions, because sometimes life takes us on different roads we want to keep travelling on. 


spring summer 2019

museu júlio pomar collection

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